Car Pre-Purchase Inspection and Car Comprehensive Checkup

CarPre-Purchase Inspection and Car Comprehensive Checkup

Don’t be fool in buying faulty car. By paying few hundreds save your thousands. Complete Manual and computerized diagnostic and manual check report.

Purchasing a vehicle is regarded as one of the most significant investments you can make in your lifetime. It not only provides transportation, but it also ensures convenience in your daily life. This should be reason enough for you to get what you pay for by getting a pre-purchase car inspection in Dubai. A vehicle inspection performed by our experienced team will assist in resolving any concerns, allowing you to buy your car with confidence.

Want to buy a used car? But don’t know the car’s real technical and mechanical conditions! Don’t worry!

At DX Garage, we thoroughly inspect the vehicle and report on its condition as well as any potential problems that you may encounter with it.

1. Our experts take the car for a test drive,

2. Examine the car on the lift

3. Diagnose the complete car on the computer.

Used or pre-owned vehicles that pass pre-purchase inspections can last longer if properly maintained regularly. Don’t put your thousands of dirhams in jeopardy with your car purchase. Inspect the car for as little as AED 300 and ensure that your investment is worthwhile with the help of reliable car services from DX Garage.

Get your Car Pre-Purchase Inspection done at DX Garage!