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Car Seats Shampoo

One of the most obvious ones – the shampoos and chemicals used are wrong kind for the fabric in your car. The use of consumer-grade equipment that isn’t powerful enough to suck out moisture delivered, especially with special, extra complex weaves, is a problem, as well. It’s impossible for anyone without special training to determine the specific kind of fabric in use, and to source the right cleaning chemicals, foams, antimicrobial shampoos, degreasers and spot removers for the job. It takes an expert.

With some of the most powerful wet vacuums in the business, and the gentlest and most advanced of cleaning agents, everything in your seats that you don’t want comes out. There is no residue, and with powerful drying equipment, everything’s left nicely dry. Not to forget the insides of the bolster cavities and those seat belts – very difficult areas to clean; they get perfectly done each time.

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