Common Car Paint Problems

Common Car Paint Problems

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One of the most common problems car owners in Dubai face is fading of their car’s body paint. But why does this happen? Well, Dubai is no stranger to scorching heat. The UV rays present in the sunlight is not only harmful to your skin but also for your car’s paint. The UV rays wreak havoc on your car’s paint by breaking the molecular bond of the paint. As such, the paint starts fading over time.

Like many car owners, you may invest in DIY paint products in hopes of fixing the colour fade. Unless you are professionally trained or have a lot of experience, it’s easy to make mistakes and you may not get the desired results. We, at DX Garage, can help you deal with car paint issues. To opt for our service in Dubai, get in touch with us at

Here are some of the common problems you may face when working on your car’s paint:

1) Orange peel: Orange peel is a term used to describe when there’s an uneven appearance on the car’s paint. This issue usually occurs due to a lack of proper technique of using spray guns. A lot goes into using spray guns the right way; you have to check its pressure and hold it at a proper distance from the surface. The way professionals fix this issue is by wet sanding, polishing, and reprinting the affected area.

2) Fish eye (aka bubbling): Fish eye is the formation of small bubbles on the surface of the car’s body paint. This issue usually occurs due to the lack of proper surface preparation prior to applying paint. Sanding and repainting the affected area is a good solution to fix this issue. Cleaning the body surface properly helps you prevent this issue.

3) Colour mismatch: Lack of painting proficiency is often the traps for paint colours to mismatch. To prevent this issue, check the manufacturer’s label for vehicle colour code and buy the paint that matches the coat. The only way to fix this issue is to repaint the affected area with the right colour.

4) Paint bleeding: One of the most frustrating issues you may have to deal with when working on your car paint is bleeding of the paint. This issue occurs when the new paint, which you’ve applied over the finish, causes the original colour to bleed. One way to fix this issue to apply primer and sealer over the affected area. To prevent this issue, make sure to apply a high-quality primer over the original colour so that it does not bleed through the new colour.

5) Solvent popping: Solvent popping is the issue in which solvents get trapped on the paint surface and form blisters. This issue worsens when you force dry the paint. One simple way to fix this issue is to sand the affected area, resurface, and repainting it. However, if the damage is extensive, the solution is to remove the paint in the affected area down to undercoat and refinish it.

Get your car’s paint issues professionally fixed to avoid complications

Working on vehicle paint is one of the areas that require proficiency and experience. It’s best to leave it upon car maintenance/repair experts to get your issues fixed so as to prevent further damage.