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Mechanical Repairs

We undertake major and minor repairs of all types of light vehicles, specializing in 4×4, European, American and Japanese vehicles. Our mechanics are certified and well experiences and have the latest Computer Diagnostic and Scanning Tools.

Our Services Include:

  • Major Service – with 100 point check
  • Minor Service – with vital area check
  • Computerized Diagnosis
  • Routine Maintenance (for stored or low mileage vehicles)
  • Engine Repairs and Tuning
  • Break Service and Repairs
  • Emission Inspection and Adjusting
  • Air Condition Repairs and Top-up
  • Injector Testing and Service
  • Tire Replacement, Wheel Alignment and Balancing


  • Car oil filter change
  • Brake pad change
  • Batteries change
  • Periodic service: Minor 5,000 Km service, 10,000 Km service,
    Major 20,000 Km Service, 50,000 Km Service, and 80,000 and 100,000 Km Service
  • Car AC & electrical repairs
  • Steering & suspension check
  • Wheel alignment