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Windshield change or repair

Sometimes though, the type, size and position of the damage will mean that the whole windscreen needs to be replaced.Take a look at our short presentation to see if it is likely that we will be able to repair the damage to your existing windscreen or whether it will have to be replaced.

In Dubai windshields can be easily damaged by flying debris resulting in glass scratches, glass chips, glass bulleye’s or star-breaks.   Untreated, this level of minor damage can “creep” quickly necessitating a major repair or complete windshield and car glass replacement.   Minor damage like this can be quickly and cost effectively repaired using a high-tech repair technique that invisibly seals the damage seamlessly and restoring the windshield back to its original strength. Using the latest glass repair equipment and techniques our specialist Smart Repair Technicians based in Dubai can make quick work of minor windscreen damage.

Windshield change or repair1